More experimenting with photogrammetry.

Went out in the woods, took some photos; one set of an old tree stump and another of a rock. Brought them into Meshroom (separately) and generated some highpoly meshes, and with them their textures. Imported these highres-models into Blender where I decimated them quite aggressively, down to lowpoly-versions. Unwrapped the lowpoly’s, transferred the textures by baking only the color/diffuse information. I also baked normal maps (turned out ok, the one for the rock much better than the stump).

Finally I assembled the two lowpoly models. Lit the scene with one simple directional light, and added an hdr-image as an environment, with low strength. Above you see the realtime-render (Blender’s Eevee)…and below it the actual geometry (1358 tris).