The NDP-Green Coalition Agreement: What It Means for Canadian Politics

In May 2017, the New Democratic Party (NDP) and Green Party of Canada (GPC) signed a historic agreement to form a coalition government in British Columbia. The agreement, which came after weeks of negotiations between the two parties, would see the NDP take power in the province for the first time in 16 years with support from the Greens.

The agreement, which is available in full online, outlines a number of key policy areas where the two parties agree to work together. These include commitments to advancing environmental sustainability, creating a more affordable and accessible healthcare system, and supporting economic growth and job creation.

One of the most significant aspects of the agreement is its focus on climate change and environmental sustainability. The NDP and Green Party have both made it clear that they view climate change as a serious threat to our planet and are committed to taking action to mitigate it. The agreement includes a number of specific policy commitments in this area, including the creation of a Climate Leadership Team to guide the province`s energy and climate policies, the establishment of a Clean Growth Program to support businesses that are developing clean technologies, and the implementation of a carbon tax to encourage the transition to clean energy sources.

The agreement also includes commitments to improving healthcare in the province. The parties have pledged to invest in primary care, mental health services, and addiction treatment, as well as to improve access to affordable prescription drugs for all British Columbians. In addition, they have agreed to work together to reduce healthcare wait times and increase funding for home and community care.

Finally, the NDP-Green coalition agreement includes a strong focus on economic growth and job creation. The parties have pledged to support small businesses, invest in infrastructure projects, and create new jobs in areas like the technology and clean energy sectors. They have also committed to working together to create a more equitable economy, with a focus on reducing poverty and income inequality.

Overall, the NDP-Green coalition agreement represents a significant shift in Canadian politics. It demonstrates that parties from different ends of the political spectrum can come together to find common ground on important policy issues. It also highlights the growing importance of environmental sustainability and climate change in Canadian politics, as well as the need for greater investment in healthcare and job creation. As the province of British Columbia moves forward under this new government, many will be watching closely to see how these commitments are put into action.