Subject-verb agreement is an essential element of grammar that ensures clear and effective communication. The purpose of this quiz is to test the knowledge and proficiency of Class 6 students in subject-verb agreement.

Instructions: Choose the correct verb form that agrees with the subject in each sentence.

1. My brother _____ football every weekend.

a) play

b) plays

c) playing

d) played

2. The group of students _____ participating in the science fair.

a) is

b) are

c) were

d) been

3. The cat and the dog _____ each other.

a) likes

b) liking

c) like

d) is liking

4. The crowd _____ loudly during the concert.

a) cheers

b) cheer

c) cheering

d) cheered

5. Neither my sister nor I _____ interested in fashion.

a) am

b) is

c) are

d) been

6. The committee _____ their decision.

a) announces

b) announce

c) announcing

d) announced

7. The teacher _____ a new lesson every day.

a) teach

b) teaches

c) taught

d) teaching

8. The box of chocolates _____ on the table.

a) sits

b) sit

c) sitting

d) sat

9. The news _____ on every channel.

a) is broadcasting

b) are broadcasting

c) broadcasted

d) broadcasting

10. The flowers in the garden _____ in full bloom.

a) is

b) are

c) been

d) be


1. b) plays

2. a) is

3. c) like

4. d) cheered

5. a) am

6. d) announced

7. b) teaches

8. a) sits

9. a) is broadcasting

10. b) are

Subject-verb agreement is a crucial aspect of language, and it is essential to understand its rules. With this quiz, Class 6 students can test their knowledge and identify any areas of improvement. By mastering subject-verb agreement, students can enhance their writing and communication skills, leading to more effective and clear communication.